Reinsurance Transactions

New Treaties and Renewal, Strategic Reinsurance Partnerships, Commutations and Portfolio Transfers

The new environment of prudential regulation and credit risk has prompted insurers to  manage their portfolio of reinsurance treaties actively, amend their renewal strategy and enter into new transactions or strategic partnerships with reinsurers.

Exene assists insurers with the operational deployment of their reinsurance strategy. We support the structuring and execution of transactions or strategic reinsurance partnerships.

New treaties and renewal

Exene assists insurers in analysing or structuring traditional Life and P&C reinsurance programmes. We support insurers with the adjustment of their renewal  strategy by applying their reinsurance strategy.

We have developed expertise in the transfer of long-term risk (medical malpractice, Long Term Care,…), Life and Health risk and Life non-biometric risk.

We can help by checking that treaty wordings are adequate and accurate, that the reinsurance programme is in line with the reinsurance strategy of the risk carrier or its group, and by looking at the renewal process and at the quantitative methods used in decision-making.

Exene is registered as a (re)insurance intermediary with the French insurance supervisor ACP-Banque de France and as such is authorized to support insurers in developing their processes for the conclusion of reinsurance treaties.

Strategic reinsurance partnerships

Exene assists insurers with the structuring of strategic partnerships for risk-carrying or reinsurance services.

We analyse or follow the implementation of reinsurance contracts linked to the development of a product, financing through reinsurance and solvency relief. We support programmes aiming to redistribute risk-carrying within an insurance group.

We help set terms for outsourcing an activity to reinsurance, or drawing up brokerage agreements that comply with the instructions for outsourcing in the Solvency II regulation.

Commutations and portfolio transfers

Exene assists insurers in identifying, negotiating and executing programmes for commutation or for the transfer of direct or reinsurance portfolios.

We support the development of processes designed to identify reinsurance treaties suitable for commutation, the preparation of the information, the organization of the commutation audit, the quantitative modelling relating to the transacion price, and the negotiation and structuring of the contract.

We participate in portfolio transfer programmes - both direct and reinsured – as part of the reconfiguration of risk-carrying among insurance entities within insurance groups.

Some related experience

  • Rework the approach to the need for reinsurance in the medical liability branch, reset the ceded layer and adjust treaty wording

  • Rework premium structure and treaty wording of a Life-Disability non-proportional cession programme

  • Analyse the financial model of an international reinsurance contract of a life non-biometric euro contract

  • Advise the Board of a P&C insurer as regards its reinsurance programme in terms of Solvency II

  • Identify sets of reinsurance treaties suitable for commutation and execute the commutation programme

  • Execute a programme of intra-group transfer and commutation of direct and reinsurance portfolios for an international insurance group

  • Draw up a brokerage agreement for a P&C insurer that complies with the instructions of Solvency II on outsourcing

  • Structure an intra-group reinsurance treaty for a new life non-biometric euro product online